4 Pandemic-Proven Lessons to Keep Association Members Engaged

As October approaches, we’re almost 10 months into one of the most challenging years in anyone’s memory. At AJA Marketing, we work closely with a number of associations and small firms and yes, we did walk clients through a few rough patches in 2020. Yet, we’ve also witnessed some best practices in action. We’ve seen associations retain most of their members. In fact, some associations even saw increases in membership.

Turning over a new procurement career leaf

At some point, every supply management practitioner will find him or herself taking on something new. It could be a shift in job responsibilities, like handling a new sourcing category. It could be a new position or opportunity either within the same organization, or somewhere new. It might even be a new career path altogether. Whatever the situation, there are some challenges inherent in handling dramatic changes to an everyday routine. It can be exciting and stressful at the same time.

Tesla’s Supply Chain Charging Up to Meet Demand

When electric-car manufacturer Tesla announced it was releasing a lower-cost Model 3 in March, excited consumers lined up in droves for the chance to make reservations for these iconic autos. The Model 3 will retail around US$35,000 before tax credits, and is not expected to be released until 2017 at the earliest. Tesla has received about 325,000 orders for the Model 3, but now comes the tough work: Producing 325,000 electric cars — and more — to meet the demand.

Delivering the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree with Whitewood Transport

Right now, Mike Wilson is on the road. That’s nothing new for him — after all, he’s the longtime owner and operator of Whitewood Transport Inc., a carrier located in Billings, Montana. Whitewood specializes in transporting construction, mining and other large equipment for several shippers throughout North America. At the moment, Wilson’s company is moving something very unique: the 2017 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree.

Skipping a Weigh Station Can Cost You Plenty

Even if a truck is equipped with a weigh station bypass system, there is always the possibility it may be required to pull into such a facility for a variety of reasons. This can be frustrating for drivers, because this extra time can put a truck behind schedule. However, if you’ve ever considered trying to sneak past a weigh station, despite being directed to pull in — or considered telling a driver in your fleet to do so — take a moment, and think again.

“Explore, Not Exploit” Campaign with Diving Shops

We’ve got great news! Plea for the Sea is diving into an exciting new campaign to promote responsible exploration of our oceans. “Explore, Not Exploit” is focused on the fun and powerful experiences that are possible through diving and SCUBA training. Plea for the Sea believes diving is an ethical, family-friendly way to appreciate dolphins and their world without supporting the captivity industry. That’s why we reached out to diving professionals to partner with us on a positive message...
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