How a customer-centric supply chain planning strategy leads to true strategic value

Supply chain professionals are in the business of problem-solving. During the pandemic, agile supply chain planning helped companies pivot to handle disruptions and demand challenges to navigate closer toward a new version of “normal” operations. Organizations began to view the supply chain as more than a cost center, but rather a key strategic factor to compete and thrive in a fluctuating global market.

4 Pandemic-Proven Lessons to Keep Association Members Engaged

As October approaches, we’re almost 10 months into one of the most challenging years in anyone’s memory. At AJA Marketing, we work closely with a number of associations and small firms and yes, we did walk clients through a few rough patches in 2020. Yet, we’ve also witnessed some best practices in action. We’ve seen associations retain most of their members. In fact, some associations even saw increases in membership.
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