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It’s Time to Expand Your Reach and Influence! It takes work to find new clients, build your business and establish loyalty. You’ve got to stay on top of trends, keep your business front-and-center in a crowded market and make sure you’re set up for whatever comes next! It can be overwhelming for smaller organizations to tackle all of that and still tend to day-to-day necessities. That’s where we come in! AJA Marketing specializes in the unique marketing challenges facing law firms...

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We are advocates for ocean animals. We believe the best way to conserve ocean life is to protect all creatures in their natural habitats. Our hope is to bring attention to the adverse effects single-use plastic has on our environment. We strive to educate and enlighten, with a goal of ending entertainment-based captivity. We love dolphins. So imagine our disappointment when we found out that a dolphinarium was opening in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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INFORM is an online reporting tool that enables you to understand the make-up of your fleet’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) score and take action to improve safety and efficiency. Determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), your ISS score is a key factor in your ability to bypass. PrePass maintains the most robust fleet safety database in the industry including CVIEW/SAFER carrier records and information from more than 100 data sources.

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PrePass provides more than weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment services. Our service also includes INFORM Safety, a truck safety software and data portal to track trends and see issues within the fleet at a glance. Better manage your overall safety scores by visualizing the locations where your trucks are inspected most frequently and know which drivers and trucks may need your focused attention.

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PrePass is the most comprehensive, widely utilized weigh station bypass system in North America. There are PrePass-equipped sites across every corridor north to south, east to west and hundreds of places in between. With PrePass, pre-cleared vehicles can continue at highway speeds without having to stop. PrePass not only saves fleets time, fuel and money, but it helps create greater efficiencies for shippers and supports improved safety for all highway users.

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If the carrier has an acceptable ISS score, PrePass Safety Alliance then verifies that other required documentation is current — including vehicle registration, operating authority, fuel taxes and other state-specific credentials. Only then are qualified carriers allowed to enter the program. Since PrePass signals non-compliant carriers to pull in for inspection, which results in additional operating costs to the carriers, PrePass customers strive to maintain their status in good-standing.